40lbs Coffee Bar Murals

With all the cafes to choose from in Portland, the owners of 40lbs Coffee Bar wanted to make theirs distinct. Together we worked with their industrial decor and color motif to design two murals of iconic Portland landmarks, the Hawthorne Bridge and Union Station. 

The Governor's Cup Mural

The Governor's Cup has been a beloved institution for drinks, art and live music in downtown Salem, Oregon for over 25 years. Embracing their eclectic decor, the owners asked me to devise a mural that represented all that their cafe offers and that fit the problematic shape of their entryway wall. A dextrous, multitasking octopus was the perfect solution, and was so popular with the customers, they commissioned me to modify the design to print on a mug as well. 

Magnetic North Studios

Magnetic North is a shared workspace in southeast Portland housing over a dozen artists. The spaced was established in 2013, and in 2016 with partner Walker Cahall I took on co-management roles. In that time we expanded membership, built a gallery space, added lots of new equipment and organized more community events. To learn more visit our website