Eohippus Life Reconstruction Model

Eohippus was a small, forest-dwelling horse that lived in North America about 55 million years ago. Unlike most animals, the intermediate evolutionary steps that lead from Eohippus to the modern horse are clearly demonstrated in the fossil record. Because we have such a clear understanding of their lineage, horses have become a particularly important example to explain how evolution works. 

Fossils of many of these intermediate horses can be found in Oregon, but since moving here I have found that most Oregonians are unaware of their own state's significant prehistoric past. In an effort to change that and create interest such subjects I proposed making this model and received funding assistance from a RACC Project Grant. The pictured model is the first of potentially many made from a mold. It has been, and continues to be, shown in conjunction with educational outreach programs and is seeking a permanent home or homes. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing or renting one.